Workers’ Compensation and Permanent Disability

Have you ever been injured on the job? Many people get injured on the job every single year, and there are a lot of problems that can come up as a result. They go through workers’ compensation cases and get the money they need in order to heal and get back to work.

The most difficult cases of this often end up resulting in permanent damage of some sort, making it difficult for the individual to get back to work – sometimes, they end up filing for disability as a result. But, what happens with a workers’ compensation case that results in disability? Here’s a look at some common questions regarding workers’ compensation cases as they relate to disability.

What is Considered Permanent Disability?

Permanent disability is one of those things that is clearly laid out in legal terms. If someone is considered to be disabled, then they are not able to be involved in any sort of substantial money-making activity because of something that has debilitated them mentally or physically. The permanency of that disability is associated with the length of time it will last – a doctor has to determine that it is going to last (or has already lasted) at least a year or that it’s going to be something that results in death. Both aspects must be present for it to be considered a permanent disability.

What Happens if a Work Injury Causes Permanent Disability?

If you work in a dangerous job, then there are a lot of things that could happen to cause permanent disability on the job. You have a number of rights related to your injury, and if there are permanent damages, then your rights expand even further. You can actually get bother workers’ comp and disability at the same time if the disability is on account of the work injury in question, and according to the court agreement.

Payment with SSI and Workers’ Compensation

The amount of money that you get for workers’ compensation and SSI disability is always going to vary based on the state you live in, what sort of insurance that your employer carried and what it was that happened with the disability. Take a look at something like the california workers compensation permanent disability money chart in order to see how things may convert and what it is that you may be owed as a result of the case that you’re dealing with. These are usually just a guide and your mileage may vary based on the details of your case.

It’s always important to talk with a lawyer when there’s the possibility of permanent disability. A lawyer will work with you to help you to understand the details and your rights, making it easier for you to determine your next steps and to see what you should do to get ahead of everything as well. As you look into the options and rights that you have, you can move forward and know that you have a future, even if you’ve become disabled from a work injury.