Why Might You Need to Go to Family Court?

There are a few different types of court in which you might need to make an appearance. If you are facing matters close to the heart, it is family court that you may need to appear in to address the matter. But, exactly what types of issues are considered family law matters?


Divorce is the number one reason for people to appear in family court. Whether you’ve been married a short time or for many years, a divorce may arise if you no longer see eye to eye with your partner. In such case, you’ll appear with your lawyer in family court seattle wa to have a judge settle the matter.


Adopting a child is a selfless act that lets you enjoy the joys of parenthood as you help a child who desperately needs your love. But, adoption is complex and can be difficult. When it’s time to officially adopt, the judge will sign the orders in a family court environment.

Child Support

Children deserve support from both parents. If you are no longer with the parent of your child, you can appear in family court to get an order for child support. Even when the absent parent does not appear in court, the judge may still order child support.

Child Custody

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Child custody is another matter that a family law court will handle. The courts want what is in the best interests of the child and always take lots of precautions to ensure this is what happens in the matter.

As you can see, there are several types of cases that may cause you to appear in family court, such as those listed here. But of course this is an incomplete list and you might find yourself in family court for many other reasons that aren’t listed here.